Thursday, December 31, 2009

Back to work...

Happy NYE! What am I doing to celebrate? Working in the ER, yay! Actually I am so thankful to have this job, that I don't mind. Especially since I like my job and I didn't have to work on Christmas. So no complaining around here! I enjoyed my 6 days off immensely, and now it's time to go back. I will work the next four nights in a row. Fun times.

In the meantime, triathlon training 2010 will begin on Friday with a 40 min run. Coach Jen uploaded all my goodies to Training Peaks yesterday, and I have been going over every work out to get them straight in my head. I must have sent her 12 emails yesterday just to clarify. Good thing she doesn't mind!

I am looking forward to getting out running, back into the pool, and biking. Okay, I am still afraid of running, but will work on driving my with my knees and keeping them high (just as soon as I figure out what that will actually mean for me). I reconfigured my office yesterday to make it more training friendly.

So it's a big week - first week of dedicated training since I swam competitively, and my first time being officially "on my own" at work. Should be interesting...

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