Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Beginnings

It's been far too long since my last post! Hopefully I can get back to being a bit more prolific. Truth be told, it's been an interesting couple of weeks. Poor sleep due to night shift, sporadic training (my own bad there), a sinus infection and bronchitis, a trip to Colorado, and summer finally showed up!

I decided last week that perhaps July 31st was a little too soon for my first half ironman, after the recovery from surgery, getting sick again, traveling to Colorado to celebrate my grandfather's 90th birthday, and deciding to increase my hours at work beginning in July, it just kind of all backed up on me. I found a great half that will be held on September 11th south of Sacramento. Coach agreed with me so this is the new goal.

Things have been going well, thus far. David is out of school and I have a ready made, and willing training partner. He even signed up for an Olympic length triathlon in August that requires swimming in the ocean, which would also be why I didn't sign up for the same one. Well, that, and the fact I work on said weekend. So we're having fun together, and I feel safer on the bike and running having someone with me at all times.

He's been going to masters with me too. I was faster than him in the pool for approximately 2 practices. Humpf! Oh well, it is what it is, and I am glad he's getting the exercise, also - he's quite adept at changing flat tires =).

Today was a big day. David wanted to get in some ocean swimming before his triathlon. Molly let us know that she was planning on swimming at Cowell's beach in Santa Cruz around 7am. Woo! That is early for this night shift worker. I had told David I would go with him and watch while he swam with Molly and her aunt due to the fact I am truly terrified of swimming in the ocean. A few messages were exchanged and Molly's husband, Jeff (who was more than a few beers in at this point), said he'd swim in the water, sans wetsuit, if I got in too (I was allowed to wear the wetsuit).

Well I couldn't quite pass up such an offer, and I knew, deep down, that I should really get over this fear and get in the damn water. David and I were at Sports Basement and rented wetsuits. To this point, I had only ever worn the 2XU sleeveless suit. This time, I tried on a long-sleeved orca. It had pink writing on it, and it fit really well. Between the deal with Jeff and the pink writing on the wetsuit, I figured I had to rent the wetsuit and deal with the ocean.

Fast forward to this morning. We got up, I had some oatmeal, made some french-press coffee, put on my big girl pants, and we were out the door. Traffic was really light, which was great. The parking at the beach is free before 10am and we were there well before that. Jeff was there too, ready to hold up his end of the bet. I am watching him enter thinking how great it is to have a wetsuit on right about now...see exhibit A:

What a guy. I think I owe him a six pack.

The plan was to swim out to the buoy. My plan was to swim out, see how I felt and possibly swim back to shore and be done. The water was COLD. 53 degrees actually. But my wetsuit kept me quite warm and loved the buoyancy of the salt water and the suit. I hardly kicked!

It was really tough to put my face in. I have gotten over the claustrophobia of the dark water for the most part, but it was the coldness that was keeping me doing heads up freestyle. David and I made it to the first buoy and Molly had her camera so we'd have proof:

It wasn't so bad out there, so we swam to the next buoy, which was probably 150m to 200m away. I kept watch for the occasional sea lion. There were two of them out this morning, playing around in the water and popping up when you'd least expect them. David swears one went past him. We went between the buoys 3 times and then decided to head in. It was nice swimming with the current back to the shore.

Then we were out and happy to be finished:

So I really need to thank Molly and Jeff for pushing me to do this. It was a big hurdle and I am glad that I did it. Even if I whine and moan about sharks and jellyfish and other creatures that might want to eat me =)

I go back to work tomorrow. I have increased my hours; going from 24 hours (3 shifts a week) to 32 hours (4 shifts) still on night shift. The new shift begins on Monday so the next week and a half is going to be pretty busy with work and training as I transition to the new schedule.

On a completely random note, I have started drinking GT's Kombucha. Yes this is what Lindsey Lohan says set off her ankle alcohol sensor, which then turned into Whole Foods pulling them from their shelves. Luckily another local grocery store is currently carrying it. For the record, I feel no buzz whatsoever, but it really does help with the soda cravings and appetite control.

Apparently you can make kombucha at home, but seeing as how I will spend just as much money for a venti latte, I figure I am justified in buying these instead.

So that's where things are now. Summer is here in full swing. We had a couple of 90+ degree heat days, but today looks to be in the low 80s, which is just about perfect in this un-airconditioned house.


  1. Congrats again on the ocean swim!

    And....I'll see you at the half in September. :)

  2. Super proud of you!!! You did great out there. It's a new comfort zone to break into but it'll get easier. You did way better than my 1st ocean swim, when I reached the first swell and went "uh uh" and swam back out!

  3. Glad you are back at it! Blogging too:)
    you are a studette in 53 deg water but I guess once your internal equilibrium lowers you can handle it. at least that's what i say for 60 degree water:)
    I still like the LL drunk kombucha the best but a few others like RAW ( locally in MN) is good.