Thursday, February 4, 2010


Soggy. Wet. Drenched. That was me after my 1:40 hr bike ride yesterday.

It wasn't raining when I started, but it was windy. A check of the good old Doppler Radar made it look as if rain was imminent, so I decided it would be a good day to try out my new rain jacket.

Within the first 5 minutes of my ride, it started raining. A light drizzle at first, turning into full on downpours. I was also riding into a head wind which made life interesting as well. Luckily, the roads were all pretty clear of debris due to the fact it hadn't rained in a few days.

Of course, I didn't wear my shoe protectors for this ride. Not a smart move. About 40 minutes into the ride I think I had added an extra five pounds to my bike from my shoes. It felt as if I had put both of my feet into a puddle up to my ankles. Very interesting feeling to pedal through slushy socks. I won't forget those next time.

During my ride I thought about many things. First, I contemplated what I was going to buy the next time I went to Sports Basement: cold weather cycling gloves and a back fender for my tire to prevent the dirt spray up my back. Second I wondered, many times, if I should just head for home and continue my ride on my trainer. But each time, I would remind myself what an incredible mess that would make in my office with all the mud and dirt from my bike, so I kept riding. Oh, and that I was tired of my trainer. I also wondered if there are waterproof legwarmers or cycling leggings, because my legs were drenched.

My legs pretty much felt like crap the first 40 minutes into my ride. The 45 minute track work out from the previous day probably had something to do with it. By the end, the lactic acid had been worked out and they felt okay. Even riding into the headwind which I faced for the last 10 minutes or so.

I also learned something interesting about tail winds. Tail winds are great. It's very nice to be going 20 mph and be in Zone 1. It's fabulous. Too bad I needed to not be in Zone 1. Which meant I had to pedal harder. Bummer. Actually I normally wouldn't have mind, but it was so wet out, that I was hesitant to push on that surface. So I just let Garmin beep at me, and figured it would all even out when I faced the headwind again!

Once I got home I realized my core stayed very dry. So the new jacket = good. My legs were another story. They were cold. I might as well have jumped into my pool with my bike shorts and leggings on. So this may be a work in progress to keep my legs dry and warm. I fear it may be a losing battle, however.

Rest Day today. I really wanted to get out of the house and do some yoga and shopping. However my landlord has contractors here replacing the cabinets and counter top in my 35+ year old never been updated bathroom due to termite damage. So I guess I will be here for the day. No complaints though. Rest day = good.

Tomorrow is a swim (let's hope those fin people behave) and then the run on Sunday. The weather people are saying it should be rain free, and I am looking forward to suffering next to the beautiful ocean.


  1. Kudos for getting out there! I must admit to being a big wimp...if there's even a chance of rain I'm inside. Partly because I hate being cold, but also because I hate cleaning my bike. :)

  2. Oh. I suppose I was supposed to clean my bike after some of those rainy rides :) Um, yeah....

    Great job getting it done!