Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bed Rest

No, I am not pregnant. That would make this bed rest thing a little bit easier to swallow. That's right, I am out of commission for a little while. Without going into TMI territory, let's just say I am suffering from a condition which prevents me from sitting on a bike (or sitting on much of anything for that matter), running, swimming, or (according to my doctor) working for a few days.

The bed rest just began yesterday, and should be over tomorrow. I hope anyway. The resting though has to go on a bit longer. So training peaks and I won't be sharing any information for a few more days at least. I am pretty bummed as I was looking forward to nailing my second 10K this weekend. But alas, that is not going to happen.

Training has been going well. I was having a bit of a blah period, but I got through it and just did the workouts. That's the great part about having a coach, they do the thinking for you when it comes to creating workouts, and all I have to do is work hard and follow the plan. I like that.

Of course, now that I can't workout, I miss it immensely. It doesn't help that Spring has decided to visit the Bay Area. The sun is smiling, the wind seems quiet, and it is a nice 70ish outside. Hopefully, when I can get back into things, the weather will still be nice!

In other news, I met with an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctor and we decided that Sinus Surgery would be a good idea. So May 18th is the fateful day for my recalcitrant nasal passageways. Hopefully this will mean no more Augmentin for a long, long time.

Well that's all I got. Luckily there are many shows for me to watch through the miracle that is Comcast OnDemand. So I guess that's where I will be for a while longer.....

Happy Spring and Happy Training!


  1. Consider this period of time as some nice extended recovery, from which you will spring forth fully rested and un-sore and ready to charge through the last build to Vineman :)

    And sorry I'm a moron, I forgot to bring that pile of stuff for you - at least then you would have had magazines to read too.

  2. I like what Molly said - consider it as extended recovery... :)

    that being said - I'm a bit fed up with extended recovery myself ;). I'm using itunes Movie selection as my crutch. I've actually watched "Up" 3x since Monday and LOVE it. I may have to watch it again...who knows... :)

    GREAT news about the sinus surgery! fantastic!! make SURE that they put you on antibiotics afterwards - there's a chance that my pneumonia might have come from sinus drainage... Ugh. Not 100% sure on that one - but just to be safe, I thought I would pass it along.

  3. Oh I am sorry you are under the weather:(
    this time of year is rough seems we use up
    our immune reserves getting here !
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Hope you're feeling better soon! Funny how that works....when we *can* do something we don't always want to, then when we *can't* we really want to get out there.

    And def. good news about the sinus surgery. I haven't regretted having it!

  5. Sorry to read, you have to stay in bed in that lovely weather. Can I come over?

    Hooray on the ENT front!

    Don't feel bad about the missed 10k. There'll be another soon.

    Get well soon. By the way, try some of korean movies at youtube. They are total fun ("Bug me not!" and "Marrying High School Girl" are must sees) and I've become addicted to them this week.

    Cheers, San

  6. Hang in there Jenn! I know it is NO fun (I was on full bedrest w/ the twins for 8 weeks) this too shall pass and we'll be back on track! :))) Rest up (ahem). hee