Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So far, so good....

Things are going well here in Northern California. The sun has been out for almost 5 days straight, and I am pretty sure it was around 80 degrees for my hill run on Monday.

I am almost half-way through my longest training week to date. Still have a long run left for today, and a bike ride with my brother tomorrow. Then it's back to work. I haven't actually been to work on the floor for 2 weeks, so hopefully I remember how to be a nurse still. I work 4 days in a row, then two off, then work Wednesday and Thursday. Then I am off for a while owing to my impending sinus surgery (shudder).

My next triathlon is next Sunday the 16th. I am really looking forward to it. 3/4 mile swim in a reservoir, 16 mi bike, followed by a 5 mi run. It should be fun. I know it's gonna be cold (for us NorCal people anyway) in the morning before we swim, so thank goodness for my wetsuit. I plan on lining up in the front this time though, I am not trying to win the swim or anything, but I am pretty sure I can hold my own up there, and it's better than trying to pass people. Transitions are flat - WOO HOO!

"So far, so good" also applies to my beloved San Jose Sharks, who are currenlty up 3-0 on the Detroit Red Wings. I know, shocking. But pretty awesome. I am in a constant state of happiness right now. I had the distinct pleasure of attending game two in San Jose last Sunday with some good friends as a birthday celebration.

Our seats were way up there, and the 30+ rows of stairs were not well liked by my legs (who had just completed a 30 mi bike ride) but it was worth it. We could see all the plays develop, and as we were on the goal line, we knew exactly when the puck hit the back of the net.

Last night, the Sharks came from behind and beat the Wings in OT - here is a little gem of a picture I got from one of the blogs, you will notice it is in stark contrast to the picture I posted a few blogs ago =):

Yes, that is Patrick Marleau and Joe Thornton hugging back there, the big boys scored the winning goal in OT...

Tomorrow night is game 4. I am dusting off my broom for a possible sweep, but would still be pretty happy if the guys split the games in Detroit. We shall see. The game is early, which means I get to see the ENTRIE thing before I have to go into work.


  1. So good that you're rocking your training week!!! Make sure you schedule that post-race massage with Andrea before she books up - your muscles will appreciate it right before you have surgery :-)

  2. Glad that training is going well! I like the course of that tri you're doing. If I was going to be in town you'd probably see me there. :)

    And good luck with the sinus surgery! I don't regret having done it and hope it works out just as well for you.

  3. Great job on the training - awesome! Keep up the super work... and have a great time at the game! Yea! You'll be fine for the surgery....good luck!!!

  4. Glad you're on a roll. Hooray for the first long training week.