Sunday, May 9, 2010

Take That!

Well, they did it. My San Jose Sharks beat the hated Detroit Red Wings and are headed to the conference finals for only the second time in the club's history. To say I am excited is putting it mildly. Look how excited the players were:

The game was exciting to watch from home, even if I can only watch the parts when my team might score. If the other team has a scoring chance, I tend to do other things like: read a book, hide under a blanket, or play on facebook. It's just too hard for me to watch.

Finally the handshake we'd all been waiting for:

I am hoping to go to a game, as I have never seen a third round match up before. We'll see. Tickets get a lot more expensive the futher the team progresses in the playoffs. One thing is for sure, I will get to watch my team play while recovering from my sinus surgery. Yay!

I made it through my long run and my long ride this week. My long run was great - 7.5+ miles, the longest I have ever gone. I brought my dad along with me (he rode his hybrid bike), for some security. It was a beautiful day. I think my left heel is trying to develop plantar fascititis so I just keep stretching as much as I can. My calves are pretty tight, and I am not great about stretching regularly, so have to keep on top of that. I have my next tri on Sunday, then figure I can let my heel heal while recovery from my surgery.

My ride on Thursday was supposed to be 2:30 min. I moved it to Thursday so that my brother could ride with me again. It's good bonding time. Not more than five minutes into the ride, I heard a loud pop behind me and a curse from my brother. He had ridden over a huge screw and his back tube popped. Luckily, I had brought an extra tube and tools. My brother changed his tire quickly (another reason I brought him along), and we were on our way.

We had a great tail wind the first hour of the ride, but I knew we'd have a hideous headwind on the way back. As such, I decided to turn around after an hour. We took a cliff bar/water break and then headed back into the wind. Not five minutes later, my brother hit something else and I heard the tell tale pop yet again. I didn't have a patch kit with me, or any other tubes. He told me to keep going, luckily we were on a bus route, so he bused it back to our town and had Dad pick him up. He has since bought extra tubes and a new back tire!

So I was on my own for the rest of the ride. It was still quite nice, even with the headwind. I figured the rolling hills and wind would be a good training experience as my 70.2 in July has similar terrain. I made it over the one big hill a mi/hr faster than this time last year, so that made me happy.

I am on my third night at work. I am having a really tough time wanting to do any sort of work out on my work days. Nights are tough, and I am just not sleeping well. It's annoying. I wake up and I don't feel like I have really slept at all. I also really don't feel like swimming no those days, so need to talk to coach about that. I don't know what it is, would just rather run or play on my trainer the days I work. So will have to see about that. I really hope I start sleeping better! Ugh.

This week is a light week due to my tri on Sunday. My wetsuit is here, and the weather looks to stay nice so it should be a blast.


  1. So THAT's why you were up late last night - I saw you on FB and I was thinking WOW...she must be a night owl as well! Now it makes sense :)

    GREAT job on the workouts!!!! YEA!!! One after another, you are getting them done...chipping away at it. SUPER! Those headwinds can be brutal...if I know its a really windy day along the coast, I'll deliberately ride into it first. Bike escorts are the best!

    Oh - GOOD LUCK with the sinus surgery! I would definitely recommend going on antibiotics - if possible. I think that's partly how I got the pneumonia a few weeks afterwards...all the drainage. Also - you might want some anti-nausea medication as stomach was really upset from the drainage and pain meds... I don't want to scare you (though I probably did) - just give you a heads up....

    Take care of that heel!

  2. Hey I'm allowed to do an OW swim this week so if there's a day on your schedule where you are supposed to, let's see if we can coordinate. It's a rough work week for me but I might be able to fit it in.