Monday, January 25, 2010

Cougars, Shopping, and Training

Last week was an interesting one. After my Wednesday of waiting out the inclement weather (I really didn't want to get hit by lightening, okay?) to go do skipping drills, things went really well.

Thursday was a wonderful rest day/shopping day where I bought my first items from Lululemon. I received my items on Saturday and I have to say their "not so deep V bra" is awesome for running. I usually have to double up on sports bras (sorry if this is TMI) but with these, one was plenty! I have a feeling I should be buying stock in their company or something, as I will be spending lots of money there.

I worked Thursday night, came home Friday morning, took a quick nap and then went out to the pool by 1200. I felt like complete crap in the pool, but I actually finished the prescribed yardage ahead of time, which surprised me. I am going to switch to a Masters team starting in February. Which I am looking forward too because my current pool is behind a strip mall whose various restaurants (BBQ joint, Sushi, and Bread shop) all bombard me with their luscious odors while I am swimming.

Friday afternoon, Molly and I went down the the hockey arena where we waited in line to see our favorite player, Douglas Murray. Who we completely adore for his uh...brain...yes...absolutely. I certainly did not let out a giggle when I saw his biceps through the window of the store where he was signing, because 1) he's my brother's age (29), and 2) that would make me a Cougar...Anyway they weren't allowing any pictures which was really all we wanted. So we settled for an autograph. He was looking pretty bored and tired once we got our turn, and who can blame him? He'd probably signed like 300 things by that point and there were some pretty "interesting" fans in line ahead of us.

Douglas is Swedish. I have babysat for a Swedish family for upwards of 4 years, so I do have a very, very limited grasp on the Swedish language (okay I know like 15 words: no, yes, thanks, you're welcome, horse, snow, stand up, hand, foot, fish, school, chair, cracker, sorry - important stuff!). After he signed my favorite pink jersey, I told him "thank you" in Swedish. He looked up at me for a second, startled, and responded "you're welcome" back to me in Swedish. So I felt pretty good about myself since I actually got a response. I guess now Molly and I have to go stalk him at practice (they will let you take pictures with them there, all though they are pretty smelly at that point). I will also be learning how to say "can we have a picture with you?" in Swedish =)

Saturday I went on a shopping foray to Sports Basement. This is another place I need to buy stock from...I did pretty well though. I finally found a waterproof cycling jacket, found a nice warm cycling jersey, and a water resistant running jacket. So I feel like I am pretty set up for winter training now.

The weather cleared up allowing David and I to get out on the road for a bike/run brick. The roads were surprisingly clear and we had a great ride together. It sprinkled a bit on the run, but I was wearing my new running jacket, so I didn't mind. My legs felt like jello, but I tested out my nutrition plan and it worked well.

Yesterday the rain was back, but I only had to do a run so it wasn't a big deal. This was my longest run of training - 50min. I have to say, it felt pretty good. Probably the best I have felt out on the trails. My knees weren't bothering me at all. I did have to do some walking, as my HR got up to high, but I felt great when I did get to run. It sprinkled on me for the first half of the run, and then it was beautiful. I love the smell of winter; the wet grass and trees, wood burning fireplaces, and rain, it's just wonderful.

I then made the mistake of going grocery shopping after said run. Not intelligent. I am astounded Trader Joe's has any food left after I went there.

This week is rest week/test week. I am scared and excited at the same time. I am scared because I am pretty sure I am going to have to puke on a few of them (oh who am I kidding? all of them..). Excited as I will probably get some new HR zones, and it will be nice to have a baseline to work from.

That said, today is the swim test. I haven't done a swim test in at least 15 years, so this should be interesting. Hopefully no one is sharing a lane with me when I puke in the gutter.

Week 3 totals:

Swim = 6900 yards
Bike = 20 miles outside plus 1:30 on the trainer
Run = 8.1 miles
Strength: 1hr


  1. 1) Why don't you know "I have to go potty" in Swedish? That might have made him laugh!

    2) So glad the bras worked out! They put more of that kind online today. And my mom wants to go see one of the jackets, so just in case you are done with your run test before that...I'm taking her Wednesday at 11:30.

    3) So glad your gear worked out well for the weekend! What are you doing for nutrition at the moment?

    4) Go Jenn go! Swim little fishie!!!

  2. Oh that's right. I know the word for "poop" too. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. And we are SO not cougars for loving a 29-year-old! My god, that's only a few years difference. If we had crushes on those TWilight boys, that would be bad.