Monday, January 4, 2010


No, I am not referring the amount of Cabernet I have imbibed recently. I am instead referring to my arms, and my calves!

First the calves, their pain is the happy product of my attempt at "high knees" during my run on Friday. I think the problem was the fact I was running primarily on the balls of my feet, resulting in a feeling similar to doing many sets of stairs. Ouch. Stretching is good, and stretching is my friend. Soon I will have a foam roller, which I am sure I will have a tumultuous, love-hate relationship with, but that's okay. It's good for me.

Had a great ride with Molly and David on Sunday. We had a nice out and back in Almaden Valley. Kinda went over my allotted time, but that's a work in process. Also working out the logistics of using Mr. Garmin. I can't explain how helpful Molly is in these situations, it is no coincidence that I got the same Garmin model she used to have...I also enjoy David accompanying us with our rides, except for the fact that it leaves me without legwarmers. I guess it's time for me to buy some of my own!

In case you were wondering, Garmin was much quieter on the ride. He only chirped a bit here and there. David said he always knew where we were from all the beeping (I thought he was referring to the inevitable chatting that goes on when Molly and I ride together=>). But really, because I was able to keep up a constant conversation during our workout, I knew I stayed in Zone 2. Woo Hoo!

Sunday was a rest day, and thank goodness, because I needed the sleep. I was especially thankful for my rest day when I got to work last night and realized it was going to be the busiest of the 4. Thankfully, the night went quickly, I felt rested, and the ER is still standing!

I slept for about 2.5 hours, woke up, put on my swim suit and headed out the door to find a beautiful, sunny day awaiting me. I couldn't ask for better outdoor swimming weather in January! I didn't even need my parka. Molly was already in the water when I got to the pool. I was greeted with a half empty lane and a warm pool. Things just kept getting better. So I got in the pool and started swimming.

I think October was the last time I was in the water, but I am not sure. At any rate, I felt flat in the water, but I was still able to get up and down the lane without a problem. After a w/u, 10x100s, 10x50s, and 10x25s (with some easy 200s thrown in), I was so excited to put on my buoy and paddles. I love to pull! As I started down the lane, I realized something: I like to pull at the beginning of practice, not the end! My arms were thrashed. Still I was ecstatic to be in the water, and I knew that I wouldn't always feel this out of shape (all though the hurting part was going to be a constant friend), so I wasn't discouraged.

Molly finished before me, so she worked on flip turns as I gave her some tips in between 25s. To her nose-clip free x1year credit, she did a couple of really good ones. It was nice to watch.

After that, I did my warm down (and included backstroke - ugh), then attempted to climb out of the pool without falling back in (accomplished, but barely), and called it a day.

Tomorrow is functional strength training, which I am sure will bring a whole new round of aches and pains. But I am looking forward to it!

I am off work until Wednesday night. I can hear my laundry calling me...

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  1. I stopped by Sports Basement today between work and the pool and...they had hot pink arm and leg warmers!!!

    And yes, you will really need the foam roller after tomorrow LOL Just know that it won't be unusual if on Wednesday or Thursday you have to lower yourself to the toilet using your upper body Hahahahha!