Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The following things happened today in the Bay Area:

a) Sustained winds of 40+ mph
b) Thunder and Lightening strikes
c) Tornado warnings
d) Torrential downpours
e) All of the above

If you chose "e", then you would be correct. Today was crazy. We never have thunder and lightening in Northern California in the winter, much less a tornado warning!

I woke up this morning to pouring rain, thunder and lightening. I kept an eye on Doppler radar all day to see when there would be a potential break in the weather. This took awhile. I finally got out on the track around 3:45pm. There was a break in the weather.

As I got out on the track I noticed some high school girls leaving, they must have been "real" runners as they were clad only in running shorts and t-shirts. I, on the other hand, had put on thermal leggings under my sweat pants, Under Armor Cold Gear turtleneck, running hoodie, and rain slicker. Did I mention I don't like being cold? Well, I don't like being cold.

Today's agenda called for some skipping, and I will admit I had to take off the rain slicker for that part at least. During my 15 min warm up, I looked around the track; taking note of the only person there (a petite Asian lady doing some really "interesting" work out moves), hoping she would know how to call 911 if I got struck down by a bolt of lightening. Then I found myself wondering what does it actually feel like to have the hair stand up on the back of one's head?

Luckily, the inclement weather held off. I did not hear one clap of thunder or see one flash of lightening, so I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. The skipping was fun, and I realized this high school has a ton of options for running, not just on the track, so it was a good adventure no matter what.

Now it's off to work for the next two nights. Stay dry, people!

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  1. Sometimes it doesn't get done right away but you got it done in the end and that's all that matters! :)