Sunday, January 10, 2010

A week in review....

The last workout to round out this week was a 65minute ride on my bike in the big chain. I also call this the Jan Ullrich gear. All though I didn't look quite as bad as he used to look mashing up Mont Vontoux, chasing furtively after Lance, my quads still were not pleased. But that's okay, they need to learn to deal with it!

David was kind enough to come with me, and I got to try out my new leg warmers (they were great). We had a nice ride, the weather held, and no one honked at us.

This next week begins with a swim. There is at least one 400IM involved. Whoa. I am allowed to use fins for it, but I don't own any, so....thank goodness I am swimming yards and not meters! Then I have one more week (even bigger apparently) before test week. I am honestly looking forward to all of it.

I am still figuring out how to balance work with training, more because of the fact that I work night shift, sleep during the day, and there is not an abundance of daylight currently. Luckily, the days are getting longer, and by the time I really need the extra sunlight - it will be here.

In the meantime, I am on the hunt for the following: new road pedals and shoes, and a waterproof cycling jacket that keeps me dry and warm. A little birdie told me REI has a huge sale starting tomorrow, so I think that's where I'll be!

Swim: 2:25 hr/6350 yards
Bike: 1:50/14.33 mi + trainer
Run: 1:00hr/ 3.20 mi
Strength Training: 1:07 hr
Total training time: 6:17.00

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  1. Yay for week 1!!! :) Daylight is for sissies anyway, that's why you have the trainer :) Seriously though you've done a great job balancing the tough work schedule with training so far - I'm confident you'll keep it up!