Monday, January 25, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction - Averted!

Today was my swim test. Basically, I had to swim fast. As such, I decided I would wear a different suit. I always wear polyester suits, because they last FOREVER, but the one I normally train in really cuts my shoulders and I wanted to have a full range of motion for this test. So I put on my TYR suit. I haven't worn this suit in a while and I was pleased with the way it fit at home.

Once I got into the pool, it was a different story. As I pushed off the wall, I had the distinct feeling of the suit adjusting in ways that was not appropriate for a community pool. I had forgotten how these suits can cut in on someone who is, shall we say, a little more well endowed than she used to be. We're talking about a Janet Jackson Superbowl moment with out the help of Justin Timberlake....I'd stop at the wall, re-arrange, and then push off. I kept looking down as I swam to make sure I wasn't exposing myself.

Now there are bikinis that show much more than my suit, however one does not normally sprint in a bikini, therefore you don't really have to worry about it coming off. My entire warm up was spent determining what I should do. First option: get out, go home, and put on my other suit. I really didn't want to do this. I was already at the pool, I was already wet, and I wanted to get this test done. Second option: go and put on my bra and wear it under my suit. I used to do this with a sports bra and my old life guarding suit. However, I didn't bring a sports bra, just a regular bra. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to try.

So I got out, and put my black bra on. It looked awesome, let me tell you. WRONG! I got in, pushed off and realized after about 15 yards that this wasn't going to work either. I got back out of the pool, into the locker room and ripped it off. The two male life guards must have wondered what the hell the crazy girl was doing.

I just figured I was going have to spend my rest time readjusting. Oh well.

I am happy to say that, during the test, the suit behaved and did its job. I didn't have time to worry about it anyway, I was too busy trying not to puke. I was successful at not puking too. But I must admit, I sounded a bit like Monica Seles with all the breathing and grunting in between sets. There were a few swear words in there too =)

So that's how the first test went. More tests to come. Should be fun. Hopefully all my equipment will behave!


  1. Sounds like a perfect swim test to me. At least the grunting and heaving part. The putting on your regular bra in the middle of the swim...I haven't tried that one yet ;p

  2. One test down! Nice! I had a wardrobe malfunction just the other day at the pool when I got out and realized that the white stripes down my suit had become *ahem* a bit transparent. Time to dump that suit.

    Hang in there with the tests!

  3. Boob containment is such a major issue in the pool. :) But getting through your test despite the drama is fantastic! Hope the rest of your tests have no equipment issues and you get a good idea of where you'd like to go from here.