Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Which is whiter: my shoes or my legs?

It's a toss up, really. My shoes are so new that they just seem to scream out "inexperienced runner! Watch out!" as I trudge along the trails. That, coupled with my very white legs, probably blinded a few people while I was out on my run today. Another great thing about triathlon, between the swimming, biking, and running, my legs will eventually become another color than stark white! I will wear sunscreen, of course, but I will still get some color. Albeit I will have 3 different tan lines on my legs, but who cares? I will have tan lines!

I should make a confession: I have tan envy. One of my best friends, who I grew up swimming with, is Portuguese. She tans the most beautiful shade of brown you've ever seen. After several bad sunburns growing up, trying to match her, I finally came to the realization it wasn't going to happen (yes I get my skin checked by my dermatologist every year, things have already been burned off). Then I went and married my husband, who is also Portuguese and tans the same shade as my friend. My husband merely thinks about the sun and he tans.

So yes, I know I will not have the bronze legs of my husband or my friend. But, there will be color there. Even if I am the ONLY one who knows it. Oh, well I guess everyone will know once I'm in a bathing suit. And for that and many other reasons, I am glad I am training for a triathlon.

Today's run went well. I was supposed to keep in between Zones 1 and 3, and managed to do that by a combination of jogging and running. So that was nice. I don't think my calves will hurt as much after this run today. My quads are another story. After yesterday's functional strength training routine, I literally cursed at whose ever idea it had been to place the pots and pans in the cupboard on the floor as I got them to make dinner.

I also had the pleasure of being introduced to the loveliness that is local retailer "Sports Basement", I can tell already that I will be spending a lot of money there. That place is great, though, and I bought my new friend, the foam roller, there as well.

Tomorrow is a trainer ride and then a run off the bike. Interesting.

In the meantime, I need to get ready for a hockey game (thanks Molly!) and work. We're going to see if I can go to the hockey game AND make it to work on time (I may need to leave early).


  1. I hope the foam roller is helping a bit and you aren't in TOO much pain today!

  2. Tan envy! LOL.
    Sport shops, oh yeah, them and iT and AM and all money is gone....