Sunday, January 17, 2010

This trainer work out brought to you by Green Day

It has been an interesting week 2 of training. The swimming was great (minus the crazy synchronized swimming coach who yelled during half of my workout on Friday, I hate underwater microphones....but that's another story).

The running was good, minus a little twinge in my right patellar tendon that was unhappy no matter how I changed my steps. I have since iced said tendon and tried to stretch it as much as possible. It didn't bother me during this morning's 30min run in Zone 1 so that's good. I am still struggling to stay withing my heart rate zones while running, but have been instructed to wear my "patience hat" because it will all come eventually.

Biking outside was nice because I managed to miss any torrential down pours, and only got mildly sprinkled on. This week's forecast is calling for oodles of rain and wind and I have two days outside on the bike, so we'll see if I can find a time in between storms. Luckily I only work a few days this week, so I have lots of time to watch the weather.

Today's final workout was cadence/interval work on the trainer. Ouch. I was supposed to be recovering at 100rpm and working hard at 60rpm. After a few false starts (cadence monitor wasn't working - note to self: check functionality of new toys the day BEFORE you want to use it), I was chugging away. Since I had to do fast recovery, I put a little Green Day on the Ipod and it definitely helped me spin faster.

So tonight is my 4th night of 4 in a row at work. It's also a holiday, so hopefully things will go quickly and I can get back home to get some sleep! Sleep has been a bit wonky this week too. Waking up at 3am and not being able to back to sleep is no fun. Then I am not getting the best rest during the day, for whatever reason. I think my body is just getting used to working night shift and to working out again, so I am really confusing it royally! Oh well. Such is life.

Okay, time to refuel and get ready for another week!

Swim: 5800 yards

Bike: 13 miles
Run: 7.44 miles
Strength: 1 hour
Total: 6.5 hr


  1. Nice job on the week!!! OMG, didn't I tell you about that crazy-ass synchro swimming lady? Even the lifeguards want to kill her.

  2. Totally sympathize with the sleep issues. Mine has been off lately too for some reason and it sucks. Great job on week 2!

  3. Not sure i could do the RN hours:) At least PT's dont have to work at night. LOL. I hate it when my computers or HRM's fail in a wko, ugh. Glad Green Day got you thru. Oh and cadence work is hard...your body will get more efficient tho bc of it:)